Stone crop is a natural succulent that’s been used for centuries as a first-aid plant.

The Stone Crop plant has potent abilities, and besides hydrating and nourishing your skin, it has the fantastic ability to correct pigmentation and heal skin. Hungarian beauty treatments have been incorporating this incredible ingredient for decades, and now the Eminence Stone Crop Collection means you too can benefit from its healing and skin calming effects.

Stone Crop – For sensitive and rosacea prone skin

Even the most sensitive skin types prone to the signs of irritation will love the Stone Crop Collection; also excellent for minimizing the appearance of blemishes and redness, imparting a healthy complexion.

Stone Crop – For damaged and dry skin

The active phyto-nutrients, antioxidants and plant lipids in the Stone Crop Collection effectively plump-up the skin structure and protect it from the damaging and drying effects of the environment. Stone Crop’s ultra-healing properties and intense succulent nectar can heal skin irritations, bumps, nicks and even stretch marks! The actives in the Stone Crop Collection doesn’t stop there though; Stone Crop is versatile enough to come to the rescue of men’s shaving irritations, healing cuts and in- grown hairs with a light touch and a fresh, clean scent.

Stone Crop – As a skin lightener

Stone Crop lightens pigmentation and spots, whether they are old, new, pregnancy related or as a result of sun damage. Our skin colour is formed by special cells located in the basal layer called melanocytes which produce the skin’s pigment material; melanin. When we are exposed to sunlight, the UV radiation produces more melanin and discharges it to the upper skin layers to protect the skin from UV damage. The balance of pigment production process can be altered by stress, skin problems, pregnancy or hormonal changes; resulting in an uneven skin colour and complexion.

Herbal actives like the Stone Crop can actually slow down the re-pigmentation, rather than lightening the skin, so not to destroy melanin already existing in the skin. This is why the Stone Crop Collection takes time for you to see the lightening effect, because it takes time to shed the skin layers that are darker, being rich in melanin pigments. It’s a far friendlier approach to the skin than oxidizing or destroying the pigments by chemical treatments, and using the organic and natural actives of the Stone Crop will give you lighter and more even coloured skin tone.

Stone Crop Gel Wash
Stone Crop Hydrating Mist
Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer
Stone Crop Serum
Stone Crop Masque
Stone Crop Gel Wash
Stone Crop Body Lotion
Stone Crop Revitalizing Body Scrub
Stone Crop Contouring Body Cream
Stone Crop Body Oil
Stone Crop Restorative Body Wrap

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