Taking care of yourself and your body is a wellness ritual that leads to physical and mental well being. With Spring here and Summer on the way we take a look at ways for you to re connect with the self-care of your body and skin.

It can be surprising how much better we feel when we invest time in self-care, often mistaken for being selfish, it is intimately linked to wellness. Small changes can make a big difference, for example improve body oxygenation by taking the stairs instead of lift or getting up from the desk for 5 minutes every hour to stretch or run up and down some stairs or walking a little further each day. If you’re not currently walking start with just 10-20 minutes at lunchtime, you’ll feel incredibly refreshed and oxygenated afterwards.

Traditionally spring is the time to detox the body, it’s certainly easier to cut down on treats when we see the sun shining! Cleansing the liver is good for the skin but it’s just as important to eliminate certain foods as it is to bring in cleansing ones. Remove the obvious liver congesters like alcohol, coffee, sugar and poor quality fats like margarine, rapeseed, sunflower and vegetable oils especially those found in takeout meals and processed foods. Add in olive oil and fresh vegetables that include garlic and red onions, try to have one vegetable juice every day. This is the perfect time of year for picking nettles, packed with micro minerals you can make tea or a nutrient rich soup!
Generally after winter we find the body to be dried out and somewhat leathery following the big winter coverup! Begin your body reboot with a great exfoliating sugar scrub. Our Eminence Sugar Scrubs are packed with natures oils to hydrate plus AHA’ s to exfoliate. The exfoliation leads to smoother softer skin with fewer lines and dullness, while the oils and antioxidants treat and give more hydration. Always follow with a specific body lotion chosen for your needs, for example if you want to increase circulation and decrease cellulite try Eminence Cinnamon Paprika, a spicy kick to get the blood flow going and shift that orange peel effect!
There’s no doubting that what you eat eventually reflects in your skin, so it makes sense to ensure that sugar, salt and processed foods are kept to the minimum. Increasingly the evidence is stacked against harmful sugars such as inverted high fructose sugar syrups, they spike blood sugar and are damaging to capillaries. Table salt found in most ready meals causes cells to contract and therefore are less able to absorb nutrients and discard their waste. Avoiding these is essential to healthy skin cells!
The complexion reboot can be ramped up with a change up in your exfoliation -now you can choose home maintenance peels that precisely suit your skin condition. Try our new Eminence Exfoliating peels: Firm Skin Acai Exfoliating Peel, Calm Skin Chamomile Exfoliating Peel, Bright Skin Liquorice Root Exfoliating Peel and Clear Skin Willow Bark Exfoliating Peel Spring is also a time to look at changing winter skin habits. You’ll need to increase your application of SPF on a daily basis, remember to include neck, décolleté and backs of hands. Richer moisturiser could be reduced to a lighter version to accommodate the SPF or if you prefer a light application overall you can have both in one cream.
This Spring aim to take some time each day to self-care -it’s a great helper to mental and physical wellbeing, and why not go a step further and take some time out to visit us for a spa body treatment and we’ll do it or you!